Who are they for?

Any small business professional located in the United Kingdom, who wants to build business relationships and promote their services to other like-minded SME’s in the country.

Fortnightly Meetings

Taking place every other Wednesday, at 9am.

Jump on a zoom webinar meeting with us and networking virtually around the country.

Event Reminder

Around an hour before the meeting starts, we will send you an SMS text message as a polite reminder that you are booked onto the event, with webinar meeting ID number and the password to attend, this will also be sent to you via email the evening before.

Arrive 10min before!

Our meetings start from 9am, but we open the “virtual doors” approximately 10 minutes before, to allow everyone chance to connect, grab a coffee, sort out their mic/web cam and be ready to go 🙂

Friendly & Welcoming

We do a round-robin of the room, so each attendee, get’s chance to present their 60-second elevator pitch to the room. This also gives you chance to ping any URL links you want to promote in the meeting chat. Then we hear from our Spotlight Presentor, before concluding the meeting and answering any general chit-chat questions.

Chat, List & Discount

We save the entire meeting chat as well as prepare the attendance list and send this to all those who showed up within a couple of hours of the meeting finishing.

This email also includes the attendance discount code for saving money on future events!