So What's Our Approach?

About Our Meetings

Our (Online) National Meetings

Alternating on the opposite Wednesday’s to our local events, these “virtual” networking events are designed to connect like-minded small business owners that want to trade and work with other businesses around the United Kingdom.

Our (Face-To-Face) Local Milton Keynes Meetings

Alternating on the opposite Wednesday’s to our national online meetings, these meetings embrace everything that traditional quality networking is all about in the local area. Friendly connections with like-minded local business professionals.

Our (Open-House) Community Group

Our small and humble Facebook Group is open to all small businesses nationwide and is an excellent location to help, engage and build relationships with others around the UK, we operate as a friendly “go-to” community support group.

Present a useful skill or share helpful advice to our community as a Spotlight Presenter (raises your profile, helps you become known, liked & trusted)

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Meetings Launch April 2021

Local and National Meetings We are proud to annouce the launch of our local and national meetings starting from April 2021. With a meeting take place every Wednesday at 9 …