Your Services & Fee’s


Now you know where you need to be, it’s time to start thinking about your pricing.

You may have to charge more then you thought, which means you might need to aim for a different audience type then you had planned for. Are you happy with this prospect?

Step ##: Calculating your Service Fee’s & Prices

Task A: Make a list of all your services.

Task B: Nett Service Cost

This is the money you need to pay out, in order to provide this service to your clients.

Is there ways of saving money? Bulk buying? using different suppliers?

Task C: Add on profit enough to generate you an income

Task D: Will the profit be enough to generate the income your business needs to make?

Can you tweak your service charges?

Are their ways you can get creative and add additional extra’s to provide more bang for your clients buck so that they thinks it fabulous value for money.

Task E: Now that you’ve information to work from, repeat all these steps, saving where you can, creating more hours where you can, improving budgets etc…

Can you make your figures work, to be a profitable business, that does not kill you trying to acheive the work, life and income balance you need to survie and thrive.

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