So What's Our Approach?

About Our Meetings

Our Vision

Short, sharp and sweet!

We want you to be empowered by the people you meet and the business connections and relationships that you form at our meetings.

Which is why, our meetings aim to be less then 60-minutes long, allowing you to attend, but then jump straight back into your daily tasks, without sabotaging your day’s productivity!

Our Formula

  • Introduction
  • 10 x Business Introductions
  • 1st Spotlight Presentation
  • 10 x Business Introductions
  • 2nd Spotlight Presentation
  • 10 x Business Introductions
  • Close
  • (Optional: Informal Chat After Meeting)

Our Community Group


We want you to get the very best out of the meetings you attend, which is why in the 48 hours, after you have attended one of our meetings, you can post ONE offer to our Facebook Community Group.

Allowing you to get another point of exposure for your business.

Teach a useful skill or share helpful advice to our community as a Spotlight Presenter (raises your profile, helps you become known, liked & trusted)